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sugar rush suho @ 130821 show! champion encore stage

[HELP] EXO Couture needs another admin! Do you think you’re fit for the position? Then, APPLY!

As most of you know, I run this blog alone - as in, SOLO. I would love it to stay that way but it’s becoming impossible. I’m currently a full-time student and part-time blogger. And my thesis requirements are pretty much eating up my time, so it’s becoming harder to maintain the blog and update it regularly. I could only find the little time to scroll through my Tumblr dashboard, spazz, and then resume academic stuff. I know it’s pretty boring but I really need to get out of here so I could pursue my real dream of becoming a part of the fashion industry. That’s why I’ve been neglecting the blog for quite some time now.


I might need someone or two to help me post on the blog! And by post, I mean identify the boys’ clothes and fashion, in general. And if it’s possible, we could bring back the “Shop The Look” posts. 

I take this blog and everything in it very seriously, so I hope you don’t mind that there will be a very thorough process of application. Basically, this is what I ask of future applicants:

  • You must be a EXO fan - of course!
  • You’re familiar with the brands and what the boys love to wear and use.
  • Interest in fashion, may it be Kpop fashion or the whole thing.
  • Little knowledge in HTML (for posting formats), and Hangul (and maybe Mandarin)
  • Knows how to use Photoshop! (important!)
  • Can be able to update the blog at least a few times a week (I don’t expect you to update everyday)

This is just a nutshell but I might elaborate if ever you’re accepted. 

If you’re interested, kindly e-mail the following information to

TWITTER URL (optional):
What can you promise to offer to EXO Couture?:

If you have any questions, feel free to mention me on Twitter or ask me on Tumblr. :)

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Hesitated to post this because I sounded like a pervert most of the time. But then it’s midnight here and I doubt anyone will listen and I’m bored. So, enjoy?

littlekade asked:
Do you know where to buy those bandanas they wore at the airport? Thanks

If you want the ones that has “WOLF” written on them, I’m afraid they’re custom-made for EXO. But regular bandanas are available almost everywhere.

kpop4yumyums asked:
Do you know anything about the shoes from the Wolf MV?

I haven’t taken a close look at them but I can point out that some (or most) of them are Jordans and KTZ. :)

Hack & Revolt: Embroidered Fitted Cap ( no buy link )
40 oz NYC: Givenchy Stars Snapback Cap ( BUY / $40 )
XLARGE x New Era: 3D Embroidered ‘X’ Cap ( no buy link )

me likey baozi’s cap!! just a little trivia about me… i love stars!!! whenever i’m bored during lectures, i scribble stars in my notebook.